5 Career Change Secrets Most Career Coaches Won't Tell You

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These days you can expect to face challenges you never anticipated.  Things change fast and you’re changing too.

There are no guidelines. You can’t rely on experience and often success depends on decoding a lot of hidden agendas.

And who can you talk to — someone who will keep your information confidential, give you perspective based on experience, provide a sounding board and possibly save your relationships.

Yes, you read that correctly. Clients often call because their spouses and best friends are tired of talking to them (and total strangers are happy to give you bad advice).

What can you expect from a career strategy session?

Some examples (with names and details changed):

Elaine was too upset to think clearly after receiving the first negative performance review of her stellar career. After reviewing the facts, we came up with a strategy that allowed her to stay in her company and even take a more desirable position.

Frank was trying to decide between finishing his PhD dissertation and staying on his job. We came up with a plan so he could do both.

Corinne got a tempting job offer in another state, which meant her partner’s job would be lost. As we talked, Corinne realized she had other options and felt comfortable making a decision.

Tom got a job offer that sounded perfect. We came up with some new questions for him to ask before saying the final “yes.”  Tom discovered a few facts that led to a firm “no.”

Marilyn was “freaking out” (her words) in the first week of a new position, convinced she’d made a mistake. We came up with a strategy for her to keep her options open (she stayed!).

Jim had a huge decision – trying to decide whether to sell a company he’d built. The offer was large and tempting, but he wasn’t sure what he’d do next. After just one call, he realized he knew he really wanted to sell. He scheduled a second call to take steps to his future.

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So…who’s your career consultant?

I’m Dr. Cathy Goodwin, a published author, speaker, and consultant. I’ve been cited as an “expert” in the media (NY Times, WSJ, USA Today Online, and more). I’ve been around the block … many blocks, many times. You’ll get totally realistic, objective insight when we talk.

In my previous life I was a college professor, teaching in business schools and doing research. I worked with students who were aspiring corporate executives or successful senior managers seeking new directions. I’ve also worked with professionals who sought to enhance their business backgrounds.

I’ve been working with career clients online for over a decade. Many of my clients have graduate degrees and all have experienced considerable success. They’re smart enough to seek expertise when they want to move forward productively.

You won’t be getting legal or medical advice – just solid career management strategy.

You Get A BIG Session and More

You get a confidential one-to-one call with me – 90 productive fluff-free minutes. You get my down to earth common sense, direct no-bs style and objective perspective.

Before the call, you send me your summary, resume, and any information you’d like to share. When we meet, we won’t waste each other’s time. We hit the ground running.

Each session is recorded so you can download the mp3 file to listen as often as you like.

You get a week of follow-up email because you will probably think of questions after we hang up the phone. The week begins immediately after the call, so you can begin and sustain momentum.


After spending two months with another career coach and not getting very far in my midlife career transition, I stumbled across Cathy’s website.

I was not going to invest any additional resources on a coach yet I found her information interesting. I sent in a question, which she answered on her blog. Her response made sense to me so I decided to give it one more try.

I scheduled just one 90-minutes session with a few follow-up emails and I am thrilled that I did!! Her insight, candid remarks, humor and guidance were just what I needed. She helped me identify a path that I was not exploring and pointed me in a new direction. Her suggestions and encouragement were invaluable and I am extremely grateful for her help.

I have since enrolled in program to learn new skills and am well on my way to a new career. Cathy knows the world of careers and she has a very realistic sense of what’s available and what works.

Stacey F., medical professional, New York area




I was 38 years old and had been working as a paralegal for the same law firm for 15 years. I made over $100k per year. I had a big fancy house, a beautiful wife (I still have my beautiful wife), a cat, a dog, and a white picket fence. However, I knew something was wrong.

The problem was I was owned by my job. I couldn’t take a proper vacation (even for my honeymoon!) and I was living in a place where we had cold weather (including snow, ice, and heavy winds) for most of the year.

I knew there was something more for me to achieve in my life. I knew I wanted more control over my schedule and I knew I wanted to live in a place with nice weather.

By chance, I found Cathy through a google search. Through just a few sessions over two years, Cathy gave me hope that a midlife career change and a move was possible for me. She advised me to think through my decision and come up with a plan. She helped me get through the stressful experience of studying for an exam to get admitted to professional school.

Today, at age 40, I have been accepted to a professional school in San Diego, a place I’ve dreamed of living in since I was a child. My new apartment is located one and half blocks from the Pacific Ocean!
I look forward to my new career, where I will have more control over my schedule and my clients.

Thank you, Cathy, for giving me hope and helping me during difficult times. I recommend your services to any professional (especially mid-life professionals) seeking a career change. Your charges to my credit card over the years have been well worth it!!

Guy E.
San Diego, California



“OK, Cathy, that sounds good! What’s it going to cost me?”

First, be sure you meet the qualifications.

This service is designed for

professionals and executives who can comfortably afford the fees. Please do not sign up for this service if you would incur a financial hardship.

professionals and executives who have flexibility in their schedules. I’m rarely available late afternoons, evenings and weekends. If you can’t free up time during the day, so we finish by 4 PM Eastern/NY, please consider another option.

Let’s review what you get:

checkwhitePre-call preparation:
You send me any material relevant to your call: resume, performance reviews, job descriptions, ads for jobs. I will spend time reading, reviewing and analyzing, so we can jump right in during the call. Most career coaches and consultants do not do this.

checkwhitePhone Consultation: A solid 90 minutes where we get to work. No small talk. No BS. We focus on your agenda in a structured, achievement-oriented call.

checkwhiteRecording: You get an mp3 recording of the call to download and review as often as you like.

checkwhiteFollow-up: Most people have new questions and ideas following the session. It’s very frustrating when you can’t share them. Therefore, you get one full week – 5 business days – to send emails and get a fast response.

You may be able to deduct your investment from your taxes. I am NOT a tax expert and circumstances vary. Please ask your accountant if you qualify.

If you’re comparing across different consultants, be aware that my sessions are 90 minutes – not 50! – and most people find solutions with just one call. It’s not unusual for clients to say they got more out of ONE call with me than a month or two with other consultants or coaches.

If you prefer longer-term consulting, you would pay considerably less per call. Sign up for one session and see how it goes.

IMPORTANT: These sessions are designed for mid-career executives and professionals who can afford the fees comfortably and who can take time off during the workday to attend a 90-minute consultation. I am usually available 8-4 M-F Eastern/NY time. I am rarely available evenings or weekends. I can sometimes make time on weekends with a surcharge.  If you don’t fit these criteria, please consider one of my other options. 

Choose TWO Career Strategy Sessions (and get a third session FREE) –  – To be completed within 60 days of purchase:

Choose ONE Career Strategy Session – $250 – To be completed within 2 weeks of purchase:

The Fine Print: Many of my clients and class participants have gotten satisfying results from my writing and teaching. Those who participated and did not follow through with implementation did not see results. Of course we can’t promise that you will achieve any particular increase in salary, career objective or any other specific results. Your own success will depend on many factors, including your talents, skills, market, environment and application of what you learn here.