7 Career Change Myths That Will Kill Your Career

If you’re a career-changing Baby Boomer, you may feel like you’ve gotten lost with Dorothy in Oz. You’ve achieved success in your career. You’ve built skills and a strong work ethic. And now you’re ready to move on…and it’s not working.

Many of my own clients tell me, “I haven’t had to look for a job for 20 years.” 

Twenty years ago, you probably didn’t have a cell phone or an email account. A worm was something you put on a fish hook and a virus was something you caught from visiting friends. You could bring your whole set of kitchen knives onto an airplane and gas prices…well, we won’t go there.
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A Midlife Career Change Is A Culture Shift

New You on Green Highway Signpost.“This new world feels so strange,” my client says. “I’m used to a very corporate style of  thinking – very linear – and now I feel like I’m in free fall.”

One reason midlife career change is so hard is that you move into a new culture, with new values and expectations. My client was used to corporate life. Every day he knew exactly what he had to do to keep his job and to move to the next level. There was no ambiguity.

Now, he had to figure out the new landscape. The next step wasn’t clear to him and he certainly didn’t have a game plan.

Two Culture Shifts Of Career Change

In a career change you get two culture shifts. First, you experience a shift from the act of changing careers, especially if you come from a structured corporate environment. [Read more...]

Education For Your Midlife Career Change

When you change careers, you usually need education for two reasons. You might need the credential and your might need the actual knowledge. Of course, sometimes you need both.

How do you know you need a credential?

Before investing significant time or money in any credential, make sure you really need it. Often my clients simply assume they need a degree or certificate because that’s what “everybody” says. Even worse, you might assume you need a certain type of degree or certificate when in fact you need something completely different. [Read more...]

Job Search Simplified: Finding Work You Love Through The Want Ads

I have been gainfully employed for all my adult life even while I was a student. And I have gotten just about every one of my jobs from answering ads. I got one job just one! through my college placement office. I got another job from a recruiter. But all the rest even my academic jobs came from answering ads.
I have also worked with clients who had been unsuccessful in their job campaigns. They had given up on want ads. When we changed their resumes and cover letter, the picture changed. Now nearly all were getting responses and requests for interviews.

Want ads still work, but there’s a system to using them. Before we start, let’s blow away two common myths about want ads.

Myth #1: Most jobs aren’t advertised so you’re unlikely to find them by looking in the want ads.

Experts estimate that want ads display less than 20% of all available jobs. You’ll hear estimates as low as 5%.

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